Thinking Time…Again

Its been a long time since I last posted, mainly due a combination of a big
project at work coinciding with starting postgraduate study with the Open
University in Systems Thinking.

Somewhere amid the slog around Systemic Inquiry, we got into a discussion
about innovative thinking and more importantly how ideas & concepts arise. I
posted a while ago on the importance to me of taking
time to think
in terms of building scenarios to test, but this video on
YouTube called Where Good Ideas
Come From
, essentially a promotion of Steven Johnson’s book, does talk
about giving ideas time to simmer.

The more I try to be creative, the more I find I often need to try out ideas & then reflect on them, but I always thought that was my problem. Looking at Steven Johnson’s description it appears that this is perfectly normal so now I need to make more time for this activity.

By the way the video is an interesting communication medium, using a white board. I’ve exchanged thoughts with colleagues on this & we’re all pretty much in agreement that you need to watch these at least twice: once to enjoy the drawing and then secondly to hear the message.

Either way, I suggest you make time to enjoy it


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