The “Armchair Pilot” suggests

Earlier this year I bumped into Peter Gripton who had not long taken over as editor of the North Yorkshire Flying Club newsletter, readership: a few club members; a couple of dogs; and probably the occasional visitor to the clubhouse at Baxby Manor airfield(*).

I asked Peter if he wanted any content, offering to review a couple of books I had read and thought might be of interest to the club members, to which he said something along the lines of “Send something in & if I can use it I will”.

He must have been impressed, as after my first submission he didn’t reject it, but promoted me immediately to the post of “literary editor” for which the remuneration appears to have been lost in the post somewhere.

Either way, if you follow the menu links you’ll find the odd review.

(*) “Husthwaite” if you look on the CAA maps, “Baxby Manor” in the “Farm Strips Guide” – as you don’t actually drive into Husthwaite village, but the airfield is on the land belonging to Baxby Manor, then I’ll call it that


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