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With the prospect of a few hours drive each way to one of my organisation’s offices yesterday, I decided to look out some podcasts and have them on in the car to try and make the journey pass faster.

By chance I found Riffing on Writing, so far ten podcasts by copywriter & journalist Jason Konopinski on the subject of blogging. Each podcast is an interview with someone prominent out there in the blogoverse on a different topic such as the pressures when monetising your blog or writing for fun.

I managed to listen to three podcasts out of the ten available, the sound quality on the early podcasts isn’t great but it gets by, then later on the quality vastly improves. Whatever the sound quality, I found the topics & speakers stimulating, and frequently talking about the problems I face now. Every podcast I listened too sounded like a party, hence the “riffing” in the title, and the topics went all over the place like a “Normal” conversation..

If you’re interested in changing your blogging for the better, then take a look at the site and the descriptions of the podcasts to see if any fit your needs. Highly recommended!