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When is enough, enough?

I was drawn to this post by Simon Guilfoyle called Great Expectations posted only a few days ago. Using his broken Subaru as an example, Simon looks at the delivery of services arguing that any system for delivering a customer service should be designed to handle the peak demand placed upon it.

In one sense I can empathise with Simon’s view. He points to the public services such as Health & Policing,  an area with which he is intimately acquainted if you read his background, and calls for capacity to satisfy peak demand. Were it me stood at any incident waiting for the appropriate blue-light service to come to assist then I, too, would want capacity free to deal with it. To be fair, Simon also points out areas of inefficiency in some service areas, inefficiencies that could be easily resolved to free up capacity for handling the core needs of the service delivery system.

It’s worth pointing out here that there is a significant amount of bias creeping into my interpretation of Simon’s words here, but I can’t help but defend the point Continue reading