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Is this the right room for a protest?


The purpose of a newspaper’s leader articles is to make points that the relevant editors might think could otherwise be missed, and this piece entitled:

Noisy protest drowns out the truth about fracking by James Quinn in the Sunday Telegraph is no exception.

So what about it has forced me to put finger to keyboard?

Well, for me at least, I see two points that the article raises in the final paragraph, both arising from my developing practice in Systems Thinking, where I’d beg to suggest that we’ve got our thinking very mixed up now, or even just plain wrong.

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At last: Systems Thinking collides with Enterprise Architecture

As a de-facto Enterprise Architect, a little bit of serendipity  today left me feeling much better with the world.

It’s a fact of life that our modern world is awash with fads, and my working life in IT has been no exception, but the one thing about fads, whether they are  IT, Management or any other fads,  is that they tend to follow a similar sequence of steps each time:

  1. The fad enters the mainstream through the efforts of journalists who tell us why this is the “next great thing”
  2. This is rapidly followed by vendors telling us why they are the supplier of choice in this field
  3. Enter stage left the “Consultants” who have experience to bring the fad to your organisation with all it’s fantastic benefits that no-one can quite understand yet
  4. Our senior leaders then get worried as to why they are missing out on the fad, so commission a piece of work based on it

Worse still, every so often opposing factions appear trying to achieve the same marvellous end accompanied by media excesses telling us why one particular type of the current fad is far better than any of the others. Generally, in amongst the fad-meisters are a small core of pragmatists in the know, who try in vain to explain the truth behind the ballyhoo.

Thankfully, after a little while a new fad appears to displace the old one. Meanwhile the majority of us get on with quietly making whatever the previous fad was actually work, delivering realistic benefits, not the hyped conjecture.

Enterprise Architecture hits the streets promising that IT will deliver massive benefits to our organisations

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